Ironknight Mountain

Journey to Ironknight Mountain
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The story begins with Morgrym, Moraxes, and Tukahl traveling from their homes to Eastsilver Keep to meet with Prince Rokar. Each arrived a day or two before they were to meet Rokar, so they stayed the night in the town of Eastsilver. Morgrym and Tukahl decided to stay in the inn, with Morgym working to cut logs in return for a free room, while Moraxes took over guard duty for one of the town guardsmen in return for a place to stay the night. In the morning the three separately made their ways up to the Keep. Rokar had just finished eating his breakfast when Morgrym arrived. Rokar commented on Morgrym’s banner, which was from the banished clan Tuskhammer, being wary of letting one from the clan into his party. Morgrym explained he wanted a chance to redeem his clans name and would serve Rokar loyally. Rokar, still slightly unsure, decided to give the man his chance and let him join. Moraxes was the next to meet Rokar. Rokar could tell Moraxes was a Dwarf’s Dwarf from the moment he saw him. Axes, shield, armor, Moraxes was fitted like a true Dwarf should so Rokar didn’t have much to discuss. They waited for a bit, and no one new was arriving so they decided to set off. While going down the stairs they ran into Tukahl who was vomiting from a bit too much to drink the night before. Tukahl recognized Rokar and apologized for being late. Rokar could tell this man was a guardsman and obviously well disciplined. Tukahl joined them and they set off once more.

Rokar decided the party should go through The Southern Pass to get through the mountains. The Southern Pass was a winding cave system that hadn’t been used in years. The party arrived and Morgrym volunteered to scout the caves a bit. Moaxes also went in but in a different direction. Being Dwarves, Morgrym and Moraxes were nowhere near sneaky enough and soon ran into some goblin scouts. Hating goblins they yelled at them and charged into battle. Rokar and Tukahl heard the commotion and came running to their aid.there were many more goblins then expected. The party was well prepared to deal with a handful of them, but this was too many. The goblins numbers however, didn’t mean as much in the narrow winding passage ways that was The Southern Pass. The four dwarves were able to fight a few at a time, but there was still to many. The last couple of goblins were able to penetrate Tukahls armor and bring him down. Rokar, Moraxes, and Morgrym had some light wounds, but nothing too serious, their main concern now was for Tukahl.

Morgrym had left his gear back at the entrance so he went back to get them. On his way back, Morgrym noticed an old healing kit, but then he was suddenly ambushed by more golins. Moraxes and Rokar knew they had to help him so they left Tukahl and rushed to Morgrym’s aid. Morgym fought hard, but an unlucky throw by Moraxes landed an axe right in Morgyms leg sending him into shock. Moraxes and Rokar finished up the goblins and carried Morgrym back to Tukahl. When they got there Tukahl was nowhere to be seen. They were not going to leave without him. Rokar and Moraxes searched the cave carrying Morgrym with them. They found a chest with two red looking gems, and two unknown potions. Rokar knew that the gems were quite rare and were worth about 250 gold each. Eventually Tukahl was found being held captive by the goblins. After Moraxes and Rokar gruesomely dispatched a couple of goblins with relative ease, the few that remained fled in terror. Moraxes broke open the cage that held Tukahl and Rokar carried him while Moraxes carried Morgrym. They came upon some beds and decided to get some rest to see if Tukahl and Morgrym would get better. With time, Tukahl and Morgrym became well enough to walk, but Morgrym still had a noticeable limp. Morgrym fashioned a splint for his wounded leg with his mining pick which helped his walking significantly. Morgrym became angry with Rokar because Rokar wanted to get out of the caves but Morgrym wanted to heal some more. Rokar also made a decision to explore the caves some, angering Morgrym further. Sure enough, the party stumbled upon a treasure pile hat the goblins had amassed. It had about 40gold and large barrel of Dwarven Ale. Upon Close inspection of one of the walls, Morgrym could tell it was fake. He pushed on it and it fell into a slot just behind it. Inside the room was a total of 400 gold which the party happily took with them. The four now focused on looking for the exit. They looped around through the maze of caverns and ran into more goblins that had come back into the cave while the party was resting. Rokar, Hating goblins more than annoying gnomes or being called slow, gave the order to slay them all even though the party wasn’t in any condition to be fighting. Morgrym, disagreeing with this decision, decided retreating was his best option. He made his was, as quickly as he could given the condition of his leg, and found the exit to the pass. Morgrym waited and hoped his party would catch up to him. Meanwhile, Moraxes and Tukahl held a narrow hall against the goblins, while Rokar looked for a way to get behind them. Moraxes and Tukahl did a fine job and once Rokar was able to find his way around the goblins had no chance to stay alive. Rokar, Moraxes, and Tukahl found their way to the exit and saw Morgrym waiting. Rokar was quite unhappy and asked why Morgrym disobeyed an order. Morgrym argued that he was in no shape to fight. Rokar questioned not only Morgrym’s toughness, but also voiced how Morgrym’s actions reinforced his clan’s banishment. The tension between the two was painfully obvious and this would likely not be the last time it would show.

The party made their way into Kirvawood Forest with the intention of making it to Coldwater Keep. Rokar had heard of how King Gerald had driven the orcs deep into the forest about half a century prior and set up Coldwater Keep in the side of a hill, and that his son now resides as king. The group decided to camp for the night in the forest along the side of the road. During the night Morgrym spotted something while on watch. Suddenly a large group of orcs came rushing through the forest. The orcs had surrounded the still wounded party. Luckily Tukahl was well versed in the orcish language. Through Tukahl, Rokar tried to reason with the orcs telling them they would move on quickly and leave them be. The orcs would not listen and told them to fight or die. Orcs arn’t the most reasonable creatures, but they arn’t the most stupid either, so Rokar spoke of how he was expected by the king of Coldwater and how if they did not arrive in time the king would send an army to look for them. The orcs knew they couldn’t stand up against the Coldwater Keep’s army and the orcs’ leader decided to let the four go, much to the dislike of the other orcs. The dwarves decided not to push their luck and walked alsmot all the way to Coldwater before stoping to rest.

When the party finally arrived at Coldwater Keep, Rokar asked the gate keeper if there had been another dwarf driving a caravan. The guard said yes and told Rokar that he was staying at Frostwood Inn. The dwarves made their way to Frostwood Inn where they met up with Tragretor. Tragretor was sent ahead of the party with a caravan of goods that would be used to build up their own keep in Ironknight Mountain. While in Coldwater Keep, Moraxes tried to fix one of his throwing axes that had been broken fighting the goblins. His smithing skills were a bit rusty and the axe came out far too low quality for his liking so he decided to get rid of it all together. Rokar decided to go looking for some help. Maybe some mercenaries or skilled craftsmen to help build his future kingdom. He found some men-for-hire at The Red Gem in town. The men there were very rough looking and seemed to lack the discipline that Rokar required in his companions, not to mention the ridiculous prices they were asking for their services. Rokar decided to head back to the inn and talk to the barkeeper some more. The bar keeper told of a wizard that lives in the castle in town and also warned of all the nasty creatures that could be found to the south around Ironknight Mountain.

Rokar, along with Tukahl, made their way to the castle to meet with the wizard. In the meantime, Morgrym, Moraxes, and Tragretor got to know eachother a bit better while having a smoke. Rokar was allowed to meet with the wizard who seemed quite happy to see him and Tukahl. Rokar asked about all of the dangerous creatures he had been hearing about. Giants, rock golems, chupacabras, and even a dragon, were what people seemed to fear the most. The wizard didn’t know anything too specific about these creatures and was quite intrigued about this “chupacabra” but he did give some information about how the dragon might leave the future settlement alone for the right price. Rokar asked if the wizard would like to join their party because while he wasn’t good with magic, he knew that it could be a powerful thing to have a good wizard. It seemed in his heart with wizard wanted to go, maybe as one last adventure, but he decided that Coldwater was the place for him. However, he offered to be of assistance if Rokar should need it in the future, all Rokar needed to do was send a messanger and the wizard would help in whatever way he could. Rokar then asked about the 2 potions he found. The wizard quickly knew what they were and told him they were potions of curing. When Rokar and Tukahl were just ready to leave the wizard offered to lend Rokar an old dwarven greatsword. The sword was called Obsidian Heart, because of the vein of obsidian that is crafted into it. It was said to have magical properties and be quite powerful. In return for the blade Rokar had to do any task that the wizard would ask of him in the future. Rokar agreed and took the blade. When Rokar and Tukahl were going out the door the wizard called Tukahl by name. Tukahl was taken back by this becaise they were never properly introduced. The wizard told of a prophecy that the right hand of a prince will be the one to slay a dragon. Tukahl was skeptical about this and said that if the wizard meant he was going to slay a dragon that he wasn’t the man for the job. The wizard merely said that is all that the prophecy told.

The next day the now 5 dwarves departed Coldwater Keep and made their way south. They traveld for a handful of uneventful days until they reached a crossroad. The group decided to go west to Melifal. When they arrived in Melifal, a small little hamlet, they had to make another decision. There is no road south to Ironknght mountain so traveling the small paths would take much longer. Morgrym was very strongly opposed to going by sea as he was a deep dwelling dwarf. Tukahl however went to go see if he could find a boat ride for a reasonable price. He found one sailor how offered his service for 200 gold. When quickly after an old pirate looking man counter offered with 100 gold. Tukahl talked to the pirate man and had a drink with him. The pirate was impressed by Tukahl’s ability to take his super-strong-gut-rot-rum. The pirate challenged Tukahl to a drinking contest where if Tukahl won the boat trip would only cost 50 gold. Tukahl was up to the challenge. All night the two drank. Tukahl matched the pirate shot for shot for hourd. There was no end in sight so they had to start upping the amount each time. Eventually Tukahl lost, but the pirate was impressed. The pirate offered to take the entire party and their cravan for free if they had 3 casks of Dwarven Ale to give him. Being dwarves of course they had more than enough ale to spare to get a free ride. The set sail for Ironknight mountain the next day. Along the way Morgrym sat in the caravan holding rocks to keep his mind off the water that was feet below him.

The pirate, who was revealed to be a 2000 year old pirate god, got the party as close to the shore as possible. The dwarves disassembled the caravan and made a few trips to the shore and back to being all their belongings. They thanked the pirate god and he sailed off. The dwarves reconstructed the wagon fairly successfully. and set off up the mountain. The traveling was rough. Tragretor tried to make some benches out of stone but he hadn’t sculpted anything for a few years and ended up breaking some finely made artisan tools. When it came time to cross a river however, Tragretor was able to make a great bridge for the caravan to cross. Eventually the dwarves made it to where they could go no higher. They found a nice cliff face and decided this was as good of a place as any to start their kingdom. They had Arrived at their new home at Ironknight Mountain.

I are Dwarf

I are Dwarf, name Tukahl. Speak not well, learn bad. I have well feeling about journey. I is look forward to talk all you.

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