Campaign Overview

You shall travel to Twinknight Mountain and start a new kingdom – or die trying.

h3. Eastsilver

This icy keep, carved into the stone of Mount Silvergate, the largest mountain in the Wintershore Mountains, is built of white marble gilt in silver. It is the home of one of the Dwarf Lords of Nathinnor and his two sons. It is approached by a paved road and there is a large fir forest at the foot of the mountain. Nearby is a quiet market hamlet in which thrives off of a fur trade. The holding, and, indeed, Mount Silvergate, is rich in silver.


Said to the the original lands of the dwarves, this icy tundra is full of strange mountains and even stranger metals. It is ruled by a number of dwarf lords that have each claimed a nation and a large stone hall in a mountain. It is far to the north and the constant chill in your bones – the chill you assumed you would die with – may somehow melt away.

Character Creation

Dwarves are intelligent humanoid creatures with disproportionately large livers that live in fortresses carved from mountains, and are very well known for their stout appearance and the big beards covering the faces of the males. You will play a dwarf. You are here to kill, to mine, to craft, and to make your own mountain keep and kingdom.


  • Level 1
  • Point Buy Calculator (25 points)
  • Core and APG Classes Only
  • Alternate racial traits are okay and encouraged for character uniqueness
  • Alignments: LG, NG, CG, LN, N
  • Starting Equipment: 100 gold and one masterwork weapon
  • Google Docs Character Sheet
    Make a copy of the sheet (File → Make A Copy) and provide a link to it, filled out, in your character’s details (by sharing it by link and then pasting the link in).

Character Suggestions

Do something useful in society. There won’t be a ton of random dungeoning, but a good bit of living. So when you make your character, make him that way – not as a dungoneer (there will be a little of that), but as a person who is making a home.


Ironknight Mountain


Ironknight Mountain

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